Not everyone’s a wordsmith, and that’s where I come in.

As a communications specialist, I ask the right questions to ensure that you get your point across succinctly but as effectively as possible. I put your thoughts into words so you can put those words into actions.

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Through my writing services I help you find the right words to promote your business. My skills include (but are not limited to) corporate copywriting, thought leadership pieces, report writing and digital content creation (including web site content, blog posts, social media marketing and newsletters). I am also a trained journalist and can deliver same-day content for breaking news publications.

As a skilled editor and proofreader, I help you polish existing content and ensure that your text is free of any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, as well as readable and easy on the ear. I also offer full content editing services to ensure that your work is factually correct and stylistically consistent.

Startup packages for Entrepreneurs

I have a soft spot for emerging startups and the individuals behind them who were brave enough to branch out and back themselves. Is this you? Do you need help with your website or marketing material? Please get in touch! Effective website copywriting can make or break your business. I’ve developed three startup packages for entrepreneurs depending on their specific needs:

The First Impression

From R 1000

Don’t let poor spelling and grammar undermine your product or service. I’ll give your website a once-over to ensure that your brand is word perfect.

A Closer Look

From R 2500

Second-guessing your existing content? Sending out an SOS for SEO?

I’ll help you fine-tune your thoughts, streamline your ideas and generate additional copy if needed.

Starting Fresh

From R 4000

Have you hit a blank? For full content creation from concept to creation this package includes any copywriting you might need to generate for your website – from SEO-friendly static pages to weekly blogs, newsletters or social media posts.



So don’t let spelling errors and grammar faux pas compromise your business’s professionalism. And don’t get bogged down in content creation if writing’s not your thing. I’m here to help. 

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